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Here is where you can find poems from the dark times that have been published elsewhere:

‘We Have Been Here Before’ and ‘This Number Does Not Exist’ are in nether Quarterly (vol. 2, issue 3).

‘I Fall Asleep Reading a Poem by Akhil Katyal’ (for Natasha Narwal) is in Rattle’s Poet’s Respond.

‘Hard Fruit’ is in The Alipore Post. (Artwork by Marina Marinksy)

‘We Must Insist on Saying Unspeakable Things’ is in The Wire.

‘Abrogated’, ‘In the Beginning’, ‘Hard Fruit’ and ‘In the Beginning’ are in The Sunflower Collective.

Sumedha Bhattacharyya (@kathagrapher) translated ‘Lockdown Lullaby‘ into dance. You can see it here.

A dozen of my poems will appear in a forthcoming anthology edited by Jeet Thayil, for Penguin.

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