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Many years ago,
under the influence 
of something weaker 
than witchcraft,
but stronger than black tea,
I kissed a man with a beard.
Our fathers worshipped 
different gods, but there 
was no mob that night,
no police, no FIR—
just wind and the taste 
of sand and damp salt.
I said, friend, I love you so much,
and that is where we left it.
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Love Jihad

-On the first anniversary of the CAA

Yesterday evening,
as we walked through Kotla Gaon,
the clamour of a ragged wedding band
mingled with the call to prayer,
and for a moment, I swear,
two bright sparks lit up the smoky sky,
and I thought of how worried I’d been
that day last December
when you texted from a police bus
on the outskirts of the city,
and how I bit down on my tongue
when you said that when they freed you, 
you would go right back again.
But when we met at Jantar Mantar,
I knew you had been right;

love is always a struggle—
we struggle because we love.
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