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Tag: #Corruption

There Are Many Ways To Eat

‘Na Khaunga, na Khane Dunga’

accepting or offering bribes or kickbacks, 
or giving contracts or jobs to friends or family,

but also,
instructing or allowing the police to fabricate 
charges against people who oppose you, 
and refusing to investigate those you favour.

(Graft hidden in suitcases
     or banks in far off lands,

or improper use of office
     to enhance your party’s brand;

craving for wealth or power, 
     is usually its cause—

it spawns lies, hunger, fear,
     and disregard for laws.)
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One More Precious Thing’s Been Sold

Just three weeks ago, on the way
to the polling station

we saw a single, half-eaten
myna bird lying in the road.

Neither of us mentioned it;
the air was already

so heavy that day.
I no longer trust omens

and portents:
just last week, I dreamt

that Amit Shah was in jail,
but last night, I’m sure

I heard him whispering
in Kejriwal’s ear.

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