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Tag: #Drone

While We All Slept (a Ghazal for Drones)

These days, we’re told we must be thrilled with drones—
our lives? Recorded and fulfilled with drones!

to-touch-an-emu is proclaimed a meme:
not for dancing; he’s just skilled with drones.

Jeff Bezos loves to lower labour costs;
in his dreams, our skies are filled with drones.

In wartime, hunger sprouts in fertile soil—
how many fields have you seen tilled with drones?

Obama promised fewer casualties,
but did he count the blood he spilled with drones?

As US soldiers fled Kabul last week,
reports emerged: more children killed with drones.

You wake shaking, mouth my name, then sob,
While we all slept, see what they built with drones!
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