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Month: June 2023

‘Pressure on the Family’

-reading Sakshi Malik’s response to the FIR

My grandfather was a wrestler–
he said wrestlers understand power.

Home ministers understand power,
as does Brij Bhushan Singh.

The police understands power, 
Sakshi Malik understands power–

she says she has ‘hard calls’ to make–
she’s wondering if we’ll stand with her.
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1000 Days Inside

Every morning last week,
two butterflies appeared 
near the bush 
by our back window–
they flickered there,
like static from your 
mother’s old radio,
or faraway lightning–
or j0y.

This week, 
they’re suddenly gone–
like the tailorbirds’ 
storm-broken nest, 
or your mother– 
or Umar Khalid.
How long has it been 
since they took him? 
you ask as we enter the park. 
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